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What we do

Collaborating with artists and collectors to navigate the CryptoArt movement.

Founded by Matthew Griffiths, Forbes 30 under 30 founder of the VR company eevo, and Henry Evans, an experienced creative director in the events industry. We've been active in the crypto space since 2015, and know how to bridge the gap between the world today and where it's going next.

Who we are

Matthew Griffiths

Co-founder at NFA

Matthew started working in the film industry when he was 17, video editing for agencies like Havas Media. When he was 19, he founded the Virtual Reality company eevo, raising $1M in Venture Capital to build out a team. During his 7 years at eevo, he partnered with the BBC, New Museum, Google, and many others to create interactive VR content. He started trading crypto in 2015, and actively participates in the NFT space today.

Henry Evans

Co-Founder at NFA

Henry has worked as a creative director for over 10 years for corporate companies, NYC theatre, and films. He has led award winning events and marketing campaigns for T-Mobile, Univision, and JetBlue and has produced shows for NYC Fashion Week and American Ballet Theatre. He has a global network of production/creative, marketing, and technology partners that can bring any idea to life. He has been involved with the crypto industry since 2017 and looks forward to continuing to build in the space.

Creative Partners

Content, Tech, Strategy, and Events

We have a variety of teams we have worked with in the past and trust to bring your project to life. We will work to understand your needs, and bring in creators to help you execute.


Working closely with art photographer Noah Kalina, we are turning his project "everyday," a collection of the 8000+ self portraits he has taken once a day over 22 years, into a collectable NFT series.

More coming soon.


Working with Sadie Mcclelland, we're helping her transition her modeling and photography into the NFT space through an upcoming collection 'Character'.

More coming soon.

Our principles



The new world moves fast, is online all the time, and wants clear communication. We're here to respond clearly and act quickly on your behalf.


at our core

The rules are still being written on how to best navigate the digital art economy, and we're here to help challenge and push the medium forward.


- it takes a village

We believe in bringing in the best people for the job. Having worked with a variety of creative partners throughout our careers, we will help you partner with teams to execute your vision.

Our Process

Creative Strategy

We ideate together the best way to launch your project or support your goals in the Web3 space, laying down the groundwork for best practices moving forward.


Working with our tech partners, we launch custom smart contracts, websites, and experiences.

Video Production

We create custom video content to fit your project.

Graphic Design

We create custom designs for your project, drawing upon our own experience as well as bringing in designers as needed.

Social Media

We create plans for engaging with the Web3 community, launch your social media accounts, and guide you as you find your voice.


Drawing on our connections in the Web3 and Web2 space, we work to put your project in front of the right eyes.

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